Evans Community Adult School participates in Adult Literacy XPrize (ALXP)

The Adult Literacy XPRIZE (ALXP) is a large-scale effort to address the challenge of low literacy in the U.S. and globally. Through this project, more than 80 teams from around the world are developing mobile learning applications (apps) that will help low literacy adults both native speakers of English and native speakers of Spanish attain basic English literacy skills in 1 year.

Evans Community Adult School recently participated in one of the initial feedback sessions. The goal for the feedback sessions is for students and instructors to provide valuable insight to help the judges of the competition decide which of the 30‐50 submitted apps have the highest potential for success in improving literacy rates of adult learners, ultimately helping to inform the future of adult education in Los Angeles, the U.S. and around the world. For the initial evaluation process, ALXP staff bring smartphones pre-loaded with apps to LAUSD Adult Education schools. Participants try several apps for a few minutes minutes each, and then provide feedback on each app. Participation is voluntary and students received $10 gift cards.

This new partnership with XPRIZE will boost DACE’s profile in the Los Angeles area and nationally because of the key role that DACE is playing in providing the majority of the 12,000 adult students expected to participate across the country.

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