The 2015-2016 State Budget appropriated $500 million to the California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) and the California Department of Education to allocate funding for adult education. The funds will be provided to eligible consortia for the purpose of implementing regional plans for adult education. The intent of the Adult Education Block Grant was to expand and improve the provision of adult education via these consortia.

The CCCCO and the California Department of Education (CDE) are working in partnership to implement the requirements outlined in the Adult Education Block Grant. The agencies jointly established a state agency to oversee the implementation of the Adult Education plans submitted by each of the 70 consortia during the planning phase. The state office will continue to provide guidance and solicit feedback from the field throughout the implementation process.


Adult Education Block Grant Legislation
History of AB 86 & the Planning Process
Adult Education Block Grant Framework

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LARAEC (Los Angeles Regional Adult Education Consortium)
Project Information

LARAEC’s Vision

“LARAEC will sustain, expand and improve adult education. It will create seamless programs and pathways to workforce and higher education that are regionally relevant, efficient, comprehensive, and that leverage community resources through a structured and collaborative interagency approach. Programs will be student centered, data driven and focused on best practices. Students will gain 21st century skills; meet their employment, academic and civic goals; and contribute to the economic vitality of the Los Angeles Region.”

Program Areas

The AB86 grant provides planning and implementation funds to regional consortia to improve the delivery of adult education and address existing gaps in programs and services in five program areas:

  1. Programs in elementary and secondary basic skills, including programs leading to a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate.
  2. Programs for immigrants eligible for educational services in citizenship, ESL, and workforce preparation.
  3. Programs for adults, including, but not limited to, older adults, that are primarily related to entry or reentry into the workforce.
  4. Programs for adults, including but not limited to, older adults, that are primarily designed to develop knowledge and skills to assist elementary and secondary school children to succeed academically in school.
  5. Programs for adults with disabilities.
  6. Programs in career technical education that are short term in nature and have high employment potential.
  7. Programs offering pre-apprenticeship training activities conducted in coordination with one or more apprenticeship programs approved by the Department of Apprenticeship Standards for the occupation and geographic area.

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