Industry professionals with years of real-world, on-the-job experience prepare CTE students for entry-level employment, career advancement, and industry certification. The CTE program serves adults and concurrently enrolled high school students. Individuals with disabilities and special needs are encouraged to participate.

Find your new Career

The Career Technical Education (CTE) program provides competency-based and
academically-integrated career training in 15 industry sectors:

♣ Agriculture and Natural Resources
♣ Arts, Media and Entertainment
♣ Building and Construction Trades
♣ Business and Finance
♣ Education, Child Development and Family Services
♣ Energy, Environment and Utilities
♣ Engineering and Architecture
♣ Fashion and Interior Design
♣ Health Science and Medical Technology
♣ Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation
♣ Information and Communication Technology
♣ Manufacturing and Product Development
♣ Marketing, Sales and Service
♣ Public Services
♣ Transportation


career-specific technical skills
career-specific vocabulary and knowledge
work-related reading, writing, and math skills
hands-on technical skills
test preparation for state license and industry certification exams
soft skills for the workplace
relevant skills to maintain or advance within your field


Our CTE students:
learn trades
learn technical skills
earn certificates (selected courses)
pass state license and industry certification exams
prepare for and enter apprenticeship programs
prepare for further career training
prepare for employment
start new careers

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