DACE presentation at Meeting of the Minds conference in Monterrey, California

DACE Executive Director Joseph Stark at Meeting of the Minds conference. Photo credit: @OTANDiana

Members of the DACE team including DACE Executive Director, Joseph Stark, Sam Powers and Gildga Pollard partnered with the Workforce Director from the City of Los Angeles, EWDD to present at the annual Meeting of the Minds conference in Monterrey, California last week. The conference had the highest attendance in over 20 years and featured speakers from across the US and Europe with special focus on the growth and effectiveness of Apprenticeship programs.

The DACE and City of LA panel presented on the success and dynamics of the WIOA Navigator program as well as the continuing evolution and deepening of the partnership between the two agencies. Several principals and leaders from districts throughout California approached the panel after the presentation to learn more on how they could create a “Navigator” program for their districts to better serve students with high barriers to employment.

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