Former DACE Students hired by NASA

We are thrilled to learn that sixteen former Aircraft Mechanic students from North Valley Occupational Center were hired by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL). The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is a unique national research facility that implements robotic space and earth science missions. Last week, former NVOC Aviation students and JPL management provided NVOC Aircraft Mechanic instructors and staff with a tour of a portion of the 177 acre facility in Pasadena, California.

Former NVOC Aircraft Mechanics Students,
Instructors and APO Elizabeth Peñuela at

The former NVOC students enthusiastically showcased their work on “2020 Mars Rover” project at JPL. They emphasized that because of the skills they learned and the mentorship they received in the Aircraft Mechanic program at NVOC their dreams of having a great job in the aerospace industries are now a reality.

Mark Koehler, Group Supervisor at JPL said, “The students we’ve hired from NVOC so far are all top- notch! The teachers at NVOC are giving these students all the skills necessary to succeed in this field. We are looking forward to hiring many more students from NVOC in the years to come.”

The course work at NVOC consists of both technical and “hands-on” shop experience and prepares students for the Federal Aviation Administration licensing examination.

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