North Valley Launches CASAS eTesting

CASAS eTesting has arrived! Say goodbye to CASAS test booklets and “bubbling in” test answers on an answer sheet, and say hello to computerized CASAS eTesting at North Valley Occupational Center! In a first for the Division of Adult and Career Education, all Academic and ESL classes at the NVOC site completed the November and December round of CASAS testing using computer-based testing. WIOA Program Performance Advisors Gustavo Cubias, Jose Alvarez, and Javier Flores, and Instructional Technology Teacher Advisor Barry Bakin prepared the computers and testing protocols.

Students reported that taking the test on the computers was no more difficult than using the paper booklets, and they were happy to learn the results of the tests immediately. Teachers were pleased at the prospect of not having to pass out, collect, and monitor the booklets for writing.

eTesting is beneficial to NVOC because it means less management and costs associated with maintaining, organizing, and distributing the large number of test booklets and because test answer sheets no longer have to be scanned to obtain results.

The WIOA Team is planning to implement eTesting for all sites during the February round of testing. A Professional Development workshop introducing all instructors to the CASAS eTesting process is scheduled for January.  Most students will utilize eTesting. Certain students and classes will still use the booklets to take the test depending on the individual circumstances.

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