Teachers learn practical Schoology tips from their colleagues

Teacher Josh Eick shows fellow teachers and AFOC Principal Martha Peralta some helpful Schoology tips.

Attendees of the Schoology Speed-Geeking workshop at CCAE’s Models of Maximum Performance conference got a real treat by learning practical tips presented by Schoology teacher experts from East LA Occupational Center (ELAOC) and Abram Friedman Occupational Center (AFOC).

The session was facilitated by Ruben Rodriguez (ELAOC) and Chris Schaper (AFOC) and participants got an overview of how to use Schoology to enhance their teaching by rotating every five minutes through six stations each hosted by a different teacher expert.

Josh Eick shared about creating homework assignments in Schoology which allows students to submit Microsoft Word or Google Docs that the teacher can then provide feedback on and allow students to resubmit. Guillermo Verdin explained how teachers can create short term and long term lesson planning in Schoology using assignments that include corresponding standards.

Bill Hrycyna shared how he has used the assignment submissions to help his students with pronunciation. Sandra Neal gave participants a peek at how she has uploaded PowerPoint presentations and videos for her students to access. Megan Milner-Kutsch shared how she has personalized the ABE Math Tutorial course with digital badges students earn as they progress. Vicky Broccolo demonstrated how she uses the discussion feature on Schoology and the way that her class is able to interact even when off-campus during their externships.

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