Marjorie Schneider, Central Office ABE Reading Advisor

Marjorie Schneider, Central Office ABE Reading Advisor, has elevated the Division of Adult and Career Education (DACE) ABE Reading program to new heights.  Working closely with teachers, she has led the implementation of systematized instruction, introduced core texts, and created opportunities for students to access online guided practice resources. As a result, our ABE Reading teachers deliver more effective evidence-based reading instruction which has yielded steady gains in student confidence and reading competency.

Marjorie also supports the DACE ABE Reading Community of Practice and facilitates its quarterly meetings. The atmosphere of these meetings is welcoming and respectful; members freely share and reflect on their instructional successes and challenges, working together in-person and online to find solutions. As Angela Robinson, ABE Reading teacher at LA Technology Center, explains, “It feels good to have support from a group that understands the specific needs of our reading students, teachers, and classes. I now enter my classroom more inspired, motivated, and empowered.”

Marjorie’s efforts have helped to ensure that emerging adult readers across Los Angeles have access to high-quality literacy education.  As Marjorie is heard to say, “Illiteracy is the ultimate hurdle our students must overcome if they are to achieve, succeed, and “rise above the ordinary.” (Jim Rohn).

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