TV news clip: Adult Education Program Helps Students Soar into Aviation Industry Careers

via Spectrum News 1, By Tara Lynn Wagner Van Nuys. Dec. 18, 2018
When Monica Hernandez graduated high school, she wasn’t sure what to do next. Then one day, while going through a catalog for the North Valley Occupational Center, she came across the Aircraft Mechanic Program.

“I personally thought it was the coolest,” she says. “So I tried it out.”

Not that she was always mechanically inclined. At first, the idea of working on an engine was intimidating.

“Honestly it still is,” she admits. But through hands-on experience, she’s gaining the confidence she needs to spread her wings.

And that’s a good thing, too, because the aircraft industry needs her, and then some. Instructor Dave Bowerman says companies regularly call the school, which is located at Van Nuys Airport, looking for new hires.

“They are continually calling us saying ‘Help, we need mechanics!’” he says.


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