USC + East Los Angeles Occupational Center (ELAOC) partnership

East Los Angeles Occupational Center is proud to be associated with the University of Southern California’s Community Partnership for Civic Engagement and we are excited to continue building a solid working relationship with its Executive Director, Ms. Dulce Acosta.

Dulce grew up in East Los Angeles and attended Ramona High School. Due to the barriers that many inner city youth faced daily, she was very grateful for the educational options that East Los Angeles Occupational Center and other DACE schools offered. At 16 years of age, she enrolled in a cosmetology class at ELAOC taught by Ms. Madeline Clarke with whom she credited for teaching her about “being part of a team.”

After getting her high school equivalency, Dulce went on to get her A.A. degree, then her BA in Sociology and in 2014, she completed her graduate studies at the USC School of Social Work where she earned her Master’s degree.

Her vision is for USC and ELAOC to be good neighbors and partners, and for ELAOC students to have the opportunity for internships at USC with the potential for gainful employment. She believes that it is essential for ELAOC students to feel that USC is an open campus and can be within their reach, just as it was for her.

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